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Inmusik is the platform where fans can invest in artists and earn a return based on their future success.

Who should be on Inmusik?

How it works

Believe an artist will be the next big thing? At Inmusik, we make it easy for you to invest in your favorite artist and earn a return. Be a part of the journey, a part of the action, and a part of the success!

Why invest in artists?

You can invest as much or as little as you like. In return, you earn regular payouts based on your investment and the artist’s career progress. More importantly, you get to enjoy a backstage pass in an artist’s career and be one of the drivers of their success.

Global Recorded Music
Revenue Growth

$17.3 Billion

Global Music Total
Revenue of 2017

We find only the best opportunities

Inmusik allows fans to invest in quality artists that are on track for growth. Here, you are investing in the ones that drive awareness, sentiment, and sales into their music.

How We Select Artists

Personality & Brand

We look for artists that have unique stories to tell and can make waves with their music.


Artists that create a conversation about their music and their musical journey are sure hits with us. A clear traction in the industry, such as the ability to create chart-topping hits, garner awards, or do sold-out tours, is definitely a plus.


We want artists that have a strong supportive team behind them, or has the capacity to network, manage, and promote their music and gigs.

Fan Engagement

We all love artists that have a strong relationship with their fans. These are the ones that are destined to succeed.

Projected Growth

An artist’s career is like a business that needs capital. This is why we onboard artists that have solid growth plans.

Background Check

We verify all information that artists provide to us. This way, we ensure that all artists on Inmusik are committed to sharing their future success with fans - their partners in their career growth.

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