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We help fans invest in the artists they love,
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Our Community

Inmusik is powered by a community who seeks to help artists succeed and believe that listening and performing music can be a truly rewarding experience. Within this community are passionate music fans who seek to see promising talent and creators of music thrive.

Unlike other platforms, you are not buying a product or donating to an artist. Instead, you are investing in an artist’s career. Returns are based on how much money artist’s generate as they grow using their investments from their fans.

For Artists

Inmusik aims to provide artists with what they need to grow and accelerate their career. With Inmusik, artists can keep doing what they love – creating and performing music.

The funding portal operates in an invite-only basis. Artists that we onboard get access to the capital they need to take their careers to the  next level – perform on bigger stages, reach a wider audience, or to produce super engaging content for their fans.

At the same time, this is also the platform where artists can share their success and build a better relationship with their true career partners – their fans.

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