These are some of the most frequently asked questions.

If you need any help we have prepared a How it Works section for you.

Inmusik is a music ecosystem that introduces a unique asset for music listeners to enjoy – music’s revenue streams. For the first time ever, fans and tastemakers can invest in the future success of artists and be rewarded.

Within Inmusik, you have a community of fan investors who seek to help artists succeed. You sometimes get neat perks from the artists, too.

Unlike other similar platforms, you are not buying a product or donating to an artist. Instead, you are investing in a business (which is your selected artist’s career) with the hope of earning a return. Your returns are based on how future projects of artists will succeed and earn.

There is no specific genre that we focus on and so you can find a diverse selection of artists on Inmusik. However, not all artists can raise money from fans on Inmusik and so, we look for the following traits in each artist we work with:

  • Proven to have strong relationship and engagement with their fans.
  • Has created and circulated content that is worth following and talking about (this can be in the form of hit songs in your catalog, a music recorded for a film, a brand endorsement featuring your song or image, or a successful gig/tour that made a lot of noise)
  • Has a strong team behind them to manage, network, and promote their music and gigs
  • Has an accounting team to manage their finances and future revenues
  • Has short-term and long-term plans on how they will scale their music as a business
  • Has the commitment to provide their fan investors their progress, growth plans, and their strategy on getting investors a return
  • Has immediate plans of releasing an EP/single/album, setting tour dates, or creating/ promoting content that will bring them revenue
  • Has measurable and an impressive track record on their catalog, performed events, branded engagements, and/or sync opportunities
  • Is committed to sharing their future success with fans – partners in their career growth

The one commonality? All of the artists on Inmusik that are bound to succeed at their fundraising have a community of people who love them.

If you think you are the artist that we are looking for, give us a shout out at hello@inmusik.co.

That depends. Inmusik, as of now, operates on an invite-only basis. This is because we can only accommodate a certain number of artists on our platform per round.

However, you can increase the likelihood of your favorite artist being invited on Inmusik by nominating them when you sign up for early access. In case you haven’t signed up and you haven’t told us who you want to be on our platform, you can do so here.

If your favorite artist has completed our Artist Onboarding Program, then you will see their artist campaign on the portal. 🙂

Here’s the best reason: because you believe that your favorite artists will succeed and thrive in doing what they love, and you want to be part of that very exciting ride. You want to be part of the Dream Team With a Plan and get rewarded for your contribution to an artist’s future success.

If you invest wisely and you become part of making your favorite artists achieve their long term goals, you can make money as they hit their career targets. It’s a win-win situation.

Our opinion is that investing should not be solely about earning a return. To invest in something as risky as an artist’s career, you should feel something special, or put an emotional value, beyond just the fame that an artist has. For Inmusik, that “something special” is the special personal fulfillment we get from helping an artist to take a shot at making the music industry a better one. We also think it’s pretty cool to learn about emerging artists and expanding genres, which you will get when your favorite artists update you about how they are doing in their careers.

We’re here to help you get the capital that you need to level up your career from your community of fans. It’s really as simple as that. 🙂

We’re not here to be your manager, your PR, or your label – you/your team is in total control of how you want to grow professionally. You are also in full control of your investment terms, which means that you get to decide how your fans can get a return. What we do is to bridge you and your fans so they can be part of your success.

That means that you get the opportunity to get upfront financial backing to perform on bigger stages, promote your records or tours, produce your next engaging content, or even increase your profile and get a wider reach. Fans are also motivated to grow your market and will turn into very effective partners in promoting your brand. You can also take this as an opportunity to give back to the fans who has been there for you since day one. 🙂

If you are a fan, signing up is free. Take note though that transactional fees may apply once you start investing, which goes straight to third party service providers.

If you are an artist, you do not have to pay for anything. 🙂