Inmusik Bounty Program

Engage with us, Make your voice heard and earn $OUND tokens! Inmusik will be distributing 1,000,000 $OUND (a value of $100,000 USD) at the end of the token sale.

The bounty campaign will run for 6 weeks starting from 16/07/2018.

For any questions, please join our telegram or send an email to

Articles, Blogs & Videos Bounties

Publish an original piece of content (article, blog or video)  about any of the topic from below:

The Inmusik cryptocurrency, $OUND, is designed to be a future currency for the business of music and the company is building partnerships to enable creative uses. Here are some possible applications:

  1. Tracking of Radio plays and managing payouts
  2. Monitoring of TV/Movie plays and managing payouts
  3. Using AI to understand emotional connection users have with music
  4. Live music streaming of home concerts and arena concerts
  5. Music recording software leased/rented on demand based on usage time and exports
  6. Live ticketing solutions
  7. Ticketing security solutions
  8. Profit sharing on live events
  9. Merchandise printed on demand with simpler logistics
  10. Music education online
  1. Online mixing, production and mastering services
  2. Online music collaboration
  3. Copyright protection and usage tracking
  4. Review platform for artists/writers
  5. A blogging platform for industry professionals, producers, mixers, etc.
  6. Virtual recording sessions
  7. Band matching by calculating fan overlaps for festival bookings
  8. Location services for festivals
  9. Crowdfunding for artists
  10. A range of music creation services
  11. A range of music financial services

Blogs & Articles: 20% of Pool


  • Minimum 650 characters.
  • Blogs can be published anywhere on the internet that are accessible to the public, (WordPress, Medium, Token sites, Reddit..). They can be written in any language.
  • We rate the blogs and articles on the quality of content and Alexa Traffic Rank of the site of publishing.
  • Must include links redirecting the users to related articles about Inmusik, Inmusik website, or our telegram channel
  • Content has to be original, unique and will be checked for plagiarism
  • One mention of Inmusik


  • OK – 150 stakes
  • Good – 400 stakes
  • Very Good – 1,000 stakes
  • Excellent – 2,000 stakes

Videos: 20% of Pool


  • Your youtube channel must have more than 500 subscribers
  • A mention of Inmusik (at least 1-2 minutes) in the videos made for topics like cryptocurrency, blockchain, music etc. is allowed
  • Video must be at least 1 minute long.
  • We rate video on the quality of content.
  • Share the video on your social channels and tag us to the post.
  • Filming or animation is allowed.


  • OK – 200 stakes
  • Good – 500 stakes
  • Very Good – 1,500 stakes
  • Excellent – 3,000 stakes

BitcoinTalk Profile Signatures

Add our signature to your BitcoinTalk profile and take part in the Inmusik Signature campaign and earn rewards.


  • You need to be an active member and post minimum 12 posts/week on BitcoinTalk forum.
  • Signatures must be visible and on your profile until the end of an ICO.
  • Only one account per person is allowed.
  • Any fraudulent accounts will be banned.
  • Anyone manipulating the system will be forfeited of all bounties.
  • Neg trust accounts will not be accepted.
  • Only 4 posts per day will be counted.
  • Posts in Off-topic, Beginners & Help, Politics & Society, Local and Gambling section, posts in this thread and any other signature campaign, bounty or giveaway thread will not be counted.
  • Spam and Trolling is strictly not allowed.
  • Posts with less than 50 characters will not be counted.


  • Member – 35 stakes per week
  • Full Member – 60 stakes per week
  • Sr. Member – 100 stakes per week
  • Hero / Legendary – 166 stakes per week

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Full Member


Sr. Member


Hero/Legendary Member

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