Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inmusik?

Inmusik is an new kind of music streaming platform that aims to increase the entire economy of the music industry by incorporating game theory and blockchain. Our ecosystem enables participating fans to earn rewards by placing Token votes on content they believe will succeed over time and in turn, share in all future earnings. This approach introduces a new revenue stream for recorded music – something artists, labels and fans very much welcome.

What makes Inmusik different from other music streaming services?

To  enable  a fair music  market economy in  a tech savvy world, Inmusik incorporates  blockchain technology with a blend of concepts  around the principle of ‘Shared Success’ and community  curation.


Inmusik is a Blockchain-powered music ecosystem that introduces a new asset class – securitized music. For the first time ever, fans can invest in the future success of music. We’ve created a completely new revenue model for recorded music that integrates with our streaming platform, designed for the active enjoyment of music and the growth of the entire industry’s economy.

Is Inmusik a free music streaming platform?

There are two ways to participate on Inmusik: buy in or work in. For those who choose to buy in, there is a monthly subscription fee which is competitive to other streaming sites that offer unlimited streaming of mainstream content. To work in, users can do a range of tasks within the community like, verify content, vote and earn from payouts, earn referrals for sharing content or helping us choose the best 7 seconds of songs. We aim to ensure that every user who provides value to the community is rewarded and so it is entirely possible, for users to not have to pay cash to limitlessly listen to all their favorite music on Inmusik.

Can I get a quick overview of Inmusik?

Of course! To start off, here is a story of Inmusik:

For a quick overview of what Inmusik is:

In short, we are building a music ecosystem featuring:

  1. Content Investment
  2. Music Streaming Application (ad-free, unlimited streaming)
  3. Inmusik Verification for independent artists
  4. Music Discovery


Our belief: Everyone who actively contribute to the success of a venture, create quality content, and help find audience for great creative works should be rewarded in direct proportion to the measurable value of their contribution.

As a musician, how can I make a living on Inmusik?

Inmusik has invented a new revenue stream for recorded music. As a musician, our platform enables you to receive increased, fair, and transparent payouts which are in direct proportion to your impact within the community. Inmusik can also help you find and build an active fan base, and in the future, earn more through ticketing and selling your merchandise. Inmusik will be a fan creation machine that will help musicians earn more while being able to upload and manage your own content, connect and communicate with your fans.

What forms of ID are valid to submit?

We are accepting the following IDs, provided that they are valid/current:

  • Passport
  • Identity Card
  • Driver License
If I make purchases multiple times during the presale, how will I track them?

You can track your purchases, referral rewards, and bounty program rewards using our wallet dashboard. You may access the wallet dashboard here.

Will small independent artists also get a chance to sign up and upload music?

Absolutely yes! A true community can’t operate without catering to all the need within the industry. Inmusik started as an independent musicians platform and we are staying true to our roots. We have many initiatives planned that are designed specifically for the independent artists of the world.

What does Verified and Not Verified in the KYC Status mean?

A Verified KYC Status means that you have complied with the standards of our criteria in verifying an ID, Passport, or Driver’s License you have submitted/uploaded in our system. A Not Verified Status means you have failed to submit/upload an ID that meets our standards.

What are your criterias for a successful KYC Verification?

Criteria for successful verification is as below:

  1. ID, Passport, Driver’s License is in color and not in black and white (except when an ID issued is in black and white)
  2. Uploading a copy that clearly shows your Name, your ID picture and other important information that we need to confirm your identity.
  3. Make sure that your ID is not expired.
I had an account on the old Inmusik platform. Do I still have to register?

As you may know, we have upgraded our site. While all accounts from our old one are stored in a safe and secure place in our servers, we have not added them to our new site. With that said, we would still love for you to be part of our community. If you are still interested in Inmusik, please reach out to us at and we’ll send you the link to sign up to list of people who will get first access to our beta site.

Why didn’t I get my verification email when I registered?

Please check your spam folder as your mail provider might’ve sent the verification email straight to spam. Otherwise, let us know at or at telegram so we can send another one.

Is the platform live already?

Our platform is still underway. Our developers will have more information as the platform nears the beta testing phase.

Engage with us, Make your voice heard and earn $OUND tokens! Inmusik will be distributing 1,000,000 $OUND (a value of $100,000 USD) at the end of the token sale.

The bounty campaign will run for 6 weeks starting from 16/07/2018.

For any questions, please join our telegram or send an email to

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