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A Fair Music Ecosystem with Blockchain

Inmusik is a fair, blockchain-based music-for-all ecosystem that pays fans, artists, labels, and everyone in the value chain, rewarding all contributors fair and square.

$7,250,000 USD

Investment Raised So Far

Sound Coin Presale Event

The crowdsale will begin at 12:00am GMT on Thursday, March 31, 2018

What’s Inmusik?

Framework for an Industry

The Inmusik Cryptocurrency (Sound) is the first of it’s kind in the creative industry, enabling fans, artists, labels, and everyone in the value chain, to be fairly rewarded in direct proportion to the measurable value their contribution brings to the eco-system.

What Inmusik Enables

Rewards & Incentives

Fans are rewarded for their positive contribution when curating and voting for great new talent.

Fair Payout for Artists

Artists earn more, in a fair and transparent way, for streams and from fans voting on their success.

Financial Tracking for Labels

With blockchain, every cent of revenue can be easily distributed and automated.

Faster Liquidity

With no wait time, payouts are instantly available to whoever is earning within the community.

For Fans & Listeners

The Inmusik streaming app is the first platform that rewards for your positive contribution to the community. Curate music, verify artists, vote on artists and help them succeed – all earn Sound Tokens.

For Artists

Recieve much larger payouts due to the unique way the Inmusik platform is structured. Earn big from steams and from fans Token votes in your success. All earning pegged to the US Dollar to ensure payouts are always fair. Transparent, instant and on the blockchain.

For Labels

Adding to the larger payouts Inmusik can offer all content owners, our ecosystem allows instant accounting of earnings and automated distribution. Copyright owners can be tagged and earning can be distributed in Sound.


The Entire Music Ecosystem

Our streaming app and music community is only our beginning. We invite others to build on the fairest and most transpartent system for conducting the business of music. With applications in Radio, TV, Security, Music Creation, Ticketing, Live Video streaming, Blogging and areas we haven’t yet imagined.

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White Paper

Our Partners

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Stephen Brett


Serial entreprenuer with 17 years experience in the music industry and business designer.


Robert Bowling


Building creative IPs from concept to over $4 billion dollars in global sales with Call of Duty


Vivienne Piong

Head of Product

Creative Director and founder of 500 Designs. Designed products seen by millions.


Kay Johansson

Tech Lead

Recognized as an innovator and leader in audio-video technology and digital convergence.


Tamara Khan

Product Engagement

10+ years experience leading product management, user experience and development


Ryan Auffenberg

Artist Relations

Senior manager – content marketing and label relations at Rdio



Jesse Taylor

App Store Inventor

Edward Moncada

Founder of Blockfolio

Isabel Garvey

CEO, Abbey Road Studios

David Howe

President of Growth, NBC Universal

Alec Wright


Li Jiang

Investor, GSV

Neel Grover


Someone at IOTA

IOTA Blockchain Specialist