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An Industry Decentralized

Inmusik’s Cryptocurrency (Sound Coin) is the first of its kind in the creative industry, enabling fans, artists, labels, and everyone in the value chain to be fairly rewarded in direct proportion to the measurable value their contribution brings to the community.

The system is designed to mathematically recognize contributions and automatically pay users, all built on a real, viable and sustainable business model.

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For Fans & Listeners

The Inmusik streaming app rewards music lovers for their positive contribution to the community. Earn tokens for finding great new songs, voting to help the best music surface and for getting behind artists to help them succeed. Your love of music has never been so rewarding.

Earn by actively engaging in music.


For Artists

Receive much larger payouts due to the unique way the Inmusik platform is structured. Earn big from streams, for posting content, attracting new fans and when fans bet on your success. All earnings are pegged to the US Dollar to ensure payouts are consistent and fair. Transparent, instant and every stream captured using a 3rd generation distributed ledger.

Transparent, instant and on the blockchain.

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For Labels

Inmusik is working with the biggest publishing companies in the world to create a better copyright management system for the entire industry, on blockchain. On top of that, we offer larger payouts for all content owners, real-time monitoring of earnings and automated distribution of payouts.

Enabling future music applications to start with the right data. 


What Inmusik Enables

Rewards and Incentives

Rewards and Incentives

Fans are rewarded for simply interacting. Finding great new music and helping it surface pays.

Fair Payout for Artists

Fair Payout for Artists

Artists earn more in a fair and transparent way and connect directly with fans. Designed for signed and independent artists

Financial Tracking

Financial Tracking

With 3rd generation distributed ledger and smart contracts, every cent of revenue can be easily automated and transparent.

Faster Liquidity

Faster Liquidity

With no wait time, payouts are instantly available to whoever is earning within the community.

Our Partners


The Times Group have invested $7,000,000 of media capital in Inmusik, enabling a massive reach through discounted ads, TV, radio, billboards, magazines, and web.


Planned licenses from the majors and working with them to create a blockchain copyright management solution that will serve the industry fairly.


Working with content providers to bring Inmusik users a massive library of content from all over to world creating an incredibly rich experience.


  • Stephen Brett
    Stephen Brett CEO/Co-Founder

    Serial entreprenuer with 17 years experience in the music industry and business designer.

  • Robert Bowling
    Robert Bowling CMO

    Building creative IPs from concept to over $4 billion dollars in global sales with Call of Duty

  • Vivienne Piong
    Vivienne Piong Chief Design Officer/Co-Founder

    Creative Director and founder of 500 Designs. Designed products seen by millions.

  • Kumar Srivastava
    Kumar Srivastava CTO

    AI & Blockchain expert with extensive experience with Microsoft, Apigee (acquired by Google), ClearStory Data and BNY Mellon

  • Yuka Kobayashi
    Yuka Kobayashi Director of Media

    Right hand woman to Marvel’s Stan Lee at ‘POW! Entertainment’ as former director of New Media and Alternative Content

  • Anthony O’Dwyer
    Anthony O’Dwyer Legal and Copyright

    Expert and lecturer in Commercial Law and Copyright law with a special focus on moral rights.

  • Steven Stark
    Steven Stark Lead Developer

    Full stack developer specializing in frontend JavaScript and systems integration. Experience building music apps.

  • Robert Wood
    Robert Wood Blockchain economics

    Blockchain economics expert who has been behind 5 successful ICO’s

  • Christine Lee
    Christine Lee UX/UI Designer

    Worked with the founders at 500 Designs on projects with Cisco, 3M, Blockfolio and many more start-ups

  • Patricia Espino
    Patricia Espino UX/UI Designer

    Also worked with the founders at 500 Designs on projects with Cisco, 3M, Blockfolio and many more start-ups

  • Faith Saifullah
    Faith Saifullah Graphic/UI Designer

    Talented graphic designer who has designed projects for 500 Designs, Petrona, Gaana Music Festival and the Times Group.

  • Arnab Day
    Arnab Day Public Relations

    Communications and marketing expert with extensive experience in technology and startup space. Blockchain advisor.

  • Sakshi Bansal
    Sakshi Bansal Bounty Campaign Manager

    A content writer, experienced community manager and bounty campaign manager


  • Neel Grover
    Neel Grover ex CEO of, Bluefly and Rakuten
  • Kay Johansson
    Kay Johansson CTO of Gracenote and a leader in audio/video tech
  • Jesse Tayler
    Jesse Tayler App Store Inventor with Steve Jobs
  • Piyush Puri
    Piyush Puri investor with the Times Group has worked on 16 ICO’s
  • Ankur Desai
    Ankur Desai $3.4 Billion Private Finance from Intel, Sprint and Google
  • Tamara Khan
    Tamara Khan CEO of Kure Health and product strategist
  • Alec Wright
    Alec Wright COO, GSVLabs and business strategist
  • Li Jiang
    Li Jiang investor at GSV Capital and crypto enthusiast
  • Rich Macary
    Rich Macary President at Delos Ventures
  • Mandar Thakur
    Mandar Thakur COO at Times Music
  • Evon Onusic
    Evon Onusic serial entrepreneur and blockchain advisor
  • Chris Ellis
    Chris Ellis Serial entrepreneur and blockchain investor
  • John Sherratt
    John Sherratt Wealth management and economics advisor
  • Kuni Takahashi
    Kuni Takahashi SVP of Rumblefish and music licensing expert
  • Ken Dabkowski
    Ken Dabkowski Principal, Kanü Strategies - Tech & Policy Advisor


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